Department of Economics


Juliet Elu  
Ph.D. University of Utah 
Leadership Center  112


John Handy
Leadership Center, Room 122
Phone: (404) 222-2562 
Educational Background: B.A, Hunter College; M.A., Columbia University; Ph.D. Georgia State University 
Areas of Expertise: History of Economic Thought, Labor Economics, International Economics


David Poyer
Associate Professor
Leadership Center, Room 110
Campus Phone: 2580 
Educational Background: Ph.D. Economics, University of Buffalo; B.S. Chemistry, Howard University 
Areas of Expertise: Energy Economics; Econometrics; Business Cycle Theory


Gregory Price
Charles E. Merrill Professor
Ph.D.  University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
Leadership Center 108

Selected Publications
Bodenhorn, Howard., Carolyn Moehling,  and Gregory N. Price. 2012. ``Short Criminals: Stature and Crime in Early America”, Journal of Law and Economics, 55: pp.  393 – 419.

Price, Gregory N. 2012. ``Race, Trust in Government, and Self-Employment”, American Economist,57: pp.  171 – 188.

Price,  Gregory N., William Spriggs and Omari Swinton. 2011. ``The Relative Returns To Graduating  From a Historically Black College/University: Propensity Score Matching Estimates  From The National Survey of Black Americans,” Review of Black Political Economy, 38: pp. 103 – 130.

Elu, Juliet  and Gregory N. Price. 2010.  ``Does China Transfer Productivity Enhancing Technology To Sub-Saharan Africa? Evidence From Manufacturing Firms”, African Development Review, 22: pp.  587 – 589.

Price, Gregory N.,  and William A. Darity. 2010. ``The Economics of Race and Eugenic Sterilization in North  Carolina: 1958 – 1968,” Economics and Human Biology, 8: pp. 261 – 272.

Price, Gregory N. 2009. ``Obesity and Crime: Is There a Relationship?” Economics Letters,  3: pp.  149 – 152.

Price, Gregory N., William A. Darity, and Alvin E.  Headen Jr. 2008. ``Does The Stigma of Slavery Explain the Maltreatment of Blacks by Whites? The Case of Lynchings,”  Journal of Socio-Economics, 37: pp. 167 – 193.

Working Paper   
"Educational Quality and the Returns to a Baccalaureate Degree for Minorities in China"


Mona Ray
Associate Professor
Ph.D. Clemson University
Leadership Center 114

Curriculum Vitae


Jusin Kakeu
Assistant Professor
Leadership Center 112