Department of Biology

Chair: Dr. Keith M. Howard
Office: Nabrit-Mapp-McBay, Room 134
Telephone: (470) 639-0395
Karen A. Morris
Administrative Professional
(470) 639-0618


  • Provide students with a fundamental knowledge of Biology.
  • Prepare students for and assist them in entering graduate and professional school, and the workforce.
  • Strengthen students' reading, writing and quantitative skills.
  • Develop students' analytical reasoning and creative thinking skills.
  • Expose students to contemporary research techniques in Biology and enhance their understanding of the Scientific Method.
  • Conduct meritorious research in the field of Biology.
  • Acquaint students with the history of Biology, including the contributions of Black scientists.
  • Engender an appreciation among students of the social and economic implications of discoveries in Biology.
  • Build students' awareness of ethical and moral issues related to basic tenets in Biology.