Department of Biology


Major in Biology
A total of 33 semester hours of Biology courses are required for a major in Biology. An additional 32 semester hours of cognate courses (Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics noted below) are also required. Students begin their training in Biology by taking a two-semester introductory course, General Biology (BIO 111-112). The introductory course includes lecture and laboratory components and must be taken in sequence starting with BIO 111. A minimum of eleven additional courses are required in Biology beyond the introductory course. These courses include six core courses: Plant Sciences (BIO 220), Ecology (BIO 320), Cell Biology (BIO 251) Physiology (BIO 316), Molecular Genetics (BIO 312), and Biochemistry (BIO 315), three laboratory courses (described below), Senior Seminar (BIO 425), and an elective course in Biology. Each of the six core Biology courses has a laboratory course associated with it. Students must take a total of three of these laboratory courses concurrently with the lecture courses, one from each of the following three groups:

Cell Biology Group: Cell Biology Laboratory BIO 251L or Physiology Laboratory BIO 316L

Molecular Biology Group: Molecular Genetics Laboratory BIO 312L or Biochemistry Laboratory BIO 315L

Environmental Biology Group: Plant Sciences Laboratory BIO 220L or Ecology Laboratory BIO 320L

In addition to the listings above, the following cognate courses must be successfully completed: General Chemistry (CHE 111-112), Organic Chemistry (CHE 231-232); Analysis I and II (MAT 251-252); and General Physics (PHY 151-152).

The Department of Biology offers fifteen Biology Elective Courses and electives may be taken at other institutions in the Atlanta University Center during the academic year or at some other institution during summer school. Prior consent by the Department of Biology Chairperson is required for a student to substitute a course taken at another institution for a Biology elective.

Speech Requirement
Biology majors must satisfy this requirement by taking either Effective College Communication (ENG 350) or Professional Communication (ENG 351)

Minor in Biology
A minimum of 16 hours of Biology, including General Biology (BIO 111-112), is required.

Advanced Placement Credit
A student who has successfully completed an AP Biology Course in high school and scored at a level of at least 4 on the Advanced Placement Test in Biology administered by the College Board will upon consultation with the Department Chairperson be exempted from the first semester of General Biology (111) and will receive 4 hours of credit.