STEP Program

The NSF STEM Talent Expansion Program (STEP) at Morehouse College is increasing the number of students in the Division of Science and Mathematics who receive baccalaureate degrees by increasing retention.  Project objectives include (1) Identifying at-risk students in their freshman year and then providing these students with skills that are necessary to overcome stumbling blocks in the majors. Skills such as quantitative literacy and critical thinking as well as academic and personal future building skills will be taught to these students in a one-hour credit/semester, three semester Scientific Literacy course designed for STEM majors; (2) Providing a comprehensive support program within the Division of Science and Mathematics that includes student intervention, cohort collaboration, automated systems for intervention, academic support and undergraduate student research opportunities as well as faculty training; and (3) Establishing an environment in which students discover through experience the added value of team learning; thereby, creating a culture at Morehouse that supports collaborative learning.

The Cyber Village development will have a broad impact on the College’s infrastructure as well as the AUC by: facilitating networking among cohorts and departments; encouraging student participation in summer and academic year research; and expanding student participation in scientific meetings. To insure the impact of discoveries make in this project are broad reaching, dissemination will occur through posters and presentations at local and national meetings, a web site presence, newsletter and campus publications as well as peer reviewed journals.

P.I. – Dr. Lycurgus L. Muldrow – Director, Sponsored Research
Co.P.I. – Dr. Subhash Bhatia – Associate Professor, Chemistry Department
Co.P.I. – Dr. David Cooke – Chair of Biology Department
Co.P.I. – Dr. Lance Shipman – The Interim Chair of the Chemistry Department
Project Manager. – Dr. Alicia Paul Thomas