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John Silvanus Wilson, Jr.

March 18, 2013

To All Employees of Morehouse College:

The Morehouse College Ethics Line was established September 1, 2004 and continues to be a key component of our ethical culture and practice.

Unethical or illegal activity should be reported immediately. Examples of such activity include: waste of resources; destroying, altering or falsifying College records; privacy issues; misuse of assets; harassment, discrimination or threats; fraud; creating or ignoring safety/environmental hazards, violations of College regulations, accounting or auditing irregularities; or standards of conduct violations.

I strongly endorse and support the Morehouse College Ethics Line for the following reasons:

  • The Ethics Line provides a means to anonymously report suspected unethical behavior at any time, 24 hours per day, and seven days per week.

  • Calls and e-mails to the Ethics Line are received by The Network, Inc., a private firm with specialists who are trained to ascertain information from the caller and accurately report the information to the College.

  • Ethics Line calls and e-mails are investigated by the Chief Audit Officer, the Director of Institutional Compliance, or other appropriate College officials, and the results are reported to me and the Chairman of the Audit Committee of the Board of Trustees.

  • Ethics Line calls and e-mails have resulted in significant actions taken to deal with instances of improper or unethical conduct.

  • Ethics Lines calls and e-mails are absolutely confidential and express your commitment to good stewardship and higher education’s best practices.

I wish to emphasize that the Morehouse Ethics Line is not meant to replace your speaking directly with your supervisor or the Office of Human Resources, Student Conduct, Internal Audit, or Institutional Compliance if you have a concern. There may be, however, instances where you may not feel comfortable using traditional reporting processes, and the Ethics Line provides an alternative reporting method for those incidents of unethical or illegal activity. I encourage you to use the Ethics Line as an alternative if it becomes necessary.

Please continue to make this program a success by publicizing it among other employees and using it if the need arises. Morehouse employees have a history of exhibiting honesty and integrity in all aspects of our work, and the Morehouse Ethics Line is a mechanism that supports that noble standard.


John Silvanus Wilson, Jr. ‘79

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