What is the Morehouse College Ethics Line?
The Morehouse College Ethics Line is a toll-free number that can be called (24/7) from anywhere to anonymously report suspected unethical behavior, such as compliance violations, fraud, financial reporting irregularities, or other similar activities.

Why does Morehouse need an Ethics Line?
The Ethics Line was established to foster an environment where unethical behavior is less likely to occur. During 2003, the Audit Committee of the Board of Trustees adopted the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 as a "best practice" for the college. The Sarbanes-Oxley Act was enacted by Congress in response to the numerous corporate financial scandals over the past few years. Section 301 of the Act requires that publicly traded companies provide a mechanism for employees to remain anonymous when reporting concerns about accounting or audit irregularities.
In addition, it requires those companies' audit committees to provide a process for the receipt, retention and treatment of complaints regarding financial irregularities.

Although not-for-profit institutions, such as colleges and universities are not currently required to implement the provisions of Sarbanes-Oxley, many states, including Georgia, are contemplating passing legislation to require that certain provisions of Sarbanes-Oxley apply to not-for-profit entities. Many colleges and universities are not waiting for the mandate to implement Sarbanes-Oxley and are voluntarily implementing certain key provisions such as Section 301. President Franklin and the Audit Committee believe that establishing the Ethics Line has demonstrated Morehouse's commitment to best practices and ethical behavior.

How does the Ethics Line work?
The Ethics Line is a resource available to all employees and students. Morehouse has contracted with a private company, The Network Inc., to provide the Ethics Line service. Individuals who call the Ethics Line's toll free number (1-888-299-9540) will reach an interviewer at The Network, Inc. The interviewer is a specialist who is trained to ascertain the relevant information from the caller. Callers will be asked to describe the suspected problem in as much detail as possible. Callers will not be required to identify themselves. Upon completion of the call, The Network Inc. will relay the information to appropriate Morehouse College officials for resolution.

Individuals who choose to report the incident online should go to the TigerNet sign-in page and click on the "Ethics Line" button in the upper right corner. Prompts will be displayed to capture the needed information.

What types of situations should be reported to the Ethics Line?
Employees and students are encouraged to report suspected improprieties, violations, or unethical behavior directly to their supervisors, the Office of Human Resources, the Office of Student Conduct, or through existing channels at the college. However, persons who do not feel comfortable with this reporting arrangement have the option of calling the Ethics Line or reporting the incident online.

How Can I Make A Report?
There are two ways to submit a report to the Ethics Line:

  • You may call 1 888 299-9540 toll-free, 24/7

  • You may submit your report online at the TigerNet sign-in page. Click on "Ethics Line" in the upper right corner of the page. After entering the site, follow the prompts and submit your report.

In either case, The Network, Inc., an independent company, will receive your information. The Network, Inc. does not track callers or visitors to the website, nor will any personally identifiable information such as telephone numbers or e-mail addresses be transferred to Morehouse. You can choose to provide your name or remain anonymous.

Will The Network be able to trace the call?
No. The Network, Inc. does not record calls and does not have caller ID capability. The Network, Inc. does not track visitors to the online website nor will personally identifiable information such as email addresses be transferred to Morehouse. Individuals using the online system may provide their name or they may remain anonymous.

What about calls or reports concerning imminent threats to individuals or property?
Calls or online reports regarding possible threats or harm to employees, students, customers, or operations, or reports indicating that a significant incident is projected to occur within 24 hours are escalated. Escalated information is immediately forwarded by The Network Inc. to Morehouse campus police and to other designated college officials for appropriate action. If something is of imminent danger, you should contact Campus Police at 2666 rather than contacting the Ethics Line.

How soon is call or online information transmitted to Morehouse?
Non-escalated information will be transmitted to Morehouse officials within an hour. Escalated information will be transmitted immediately.

Which Morehouse officials will receive the caller information from The Network Inc.?
All calls and online reports are received by the Chief Audit Officer and the Director of Institutional Compliance. If necessary, Human Resources, the college's General Counsel, and/or the President's Chief of Staff will be consulted. All calls and online reports will be investigated and reported to appropriate officials of the college.

How is the Ethics Line publicized?
When the Ethics Line was established, each employee received an Ethics Line brochure and a wallet card. During new hire orientation, all new employees receive a brochure and wallet card along with other information about the Ethics Line. The Ethics Line is also mentioned periodically at college and faculty staff meetings. The Chief Audit Officer and the Director of Institutional Compliance discuss the Ethics Line and distribute materials at various department staff meetings throughout the school year. Information on the Ethics Line is also discussed in each quarterly issue of the Compliance Newsletter.

Additionally, special bulletin boards or "awareness centers" are located in selected buildings on campus. The awareness centers contain information regarding the purpose, benefits, and use of the Ethics Line. The Ethics Line's toll free number is prominently displayed along with online report filing instructions.

How can I get further information?
Contact C. O. Hollis Jr., Chief Audit Officer, Department of Internal Auditing and Advisory Services, Gloster Hall, Room 105, 404-614-8562.

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