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A Word from Dr. Mills

photo courtesy of David Collins – Morehouse College

As the former Dean of the Division of Humanities & Social Sciences (2007-2012), Dr. Mills introduced the division slogan, "Building the strong foundation upon which all Morehouse Men stand." As a part of his mission to enhance the vitality of the liberal arts curriculum, Dr. Mills engineered the founding of CTEMS through securing a grant from the Andrew Mellon Foundation.

A principal emphasis of our CTEMS program is on “telling the story.” Our interdisciplinary curriculum development team includes experienced screenwriters, film and media scholars and outstanding faculty, Morehouse Alumni, and interactive media and web design. During our development meetings, in addition to conversations about building the curriculum, we also focus our discussions on the notion of a "Morehouse production value." A shared aspiration is that one would see a film and say, "that was made by a guy from Morehouse." So, we are emphasizing "telling the story." This includes not just the treatment of the story, character, etc., but also the stories that you choose to tell. For me, the question is, "how or whether the essence of your Morehouse experience is evident in your work such that it is a notable thing?" - Through the emergence of our CTEMS program, you now have this great opportunity to debate and define what well may become, "the morehouse approach."

Dr. Terry Mills,
Dean for Research and Sponsored Programs